After every storm, comes a rainbow…

Or so they say. I can only imagine the devastation that many Americans have endured over the past week in regards to Hurricane Sandy. Side note, why are hurricanes always named happy names? Why not Hurricane Terror or Hurricane Destruction? Anyway, I hope that everyone is getting the help they need and returning back to what made them happy before the hurricane. While I don’t mean to trivialize the destruction that Sandy caused, that there is truly a rainbow after every storm…hurricane…or whatever rain metaphor you want to use for a difficult time in your life.

I mean here I am in Seattle. I have to stop and realize I have all ready come full circle. That first post I wrote was in a Starbucks in San Diego and now I’m writing this post in a Starbucks in Seattle! How did I get here? Oh, that ‘s right! I put my mind to something and here I am. It really was that simple and now I have my rainbow. If I have my rainbow, why does it feel like I’m in the middle of a storm?

I took the above photo while in Starbucks. I just so happened to look up and I saw this beautiful rainbow. I was applying for jobs at the time and it has been such a frustrating experience. I mentioned the internship I applied for in my last post. You all would have been so proud, I was a total DIVA and called to see if I could schedule an interview. Turns out the position had been filled in NYC of all places but the HR person said to shoot her my resume just in case something came up. Something please come up!

I am not going to lie, I was disappointed. I guess a part me thought if I just made it here, if I just applied, it would all work out. I’m emotional as I write this because I am going through so much at this time in my life. Not in a bad way. I mean coming to terms with my sexuality, moving to Seattle on my own and just being a 25 year old in today’s world is hard enough without the added stress of finding your passion. Finding that thing you were put on this planet to do. I feel like I know what my passion is. It is entertainment news writing, it is writing in general and that scares me to kind of know that. What if I’m not good enough? What if I can’t handle the pressure? What if people don’t see my potential?

The world is full of “What If” scenarios and I CANNOT and WILL NOT let that stop me from pursuing my dream here in Seattle. My journey is just taking a detour and that detour may get me there a little quicker than I thought. So to wrap things up, I hope everyone is doing great and following your hearts, dreams and passions. Life is too short not to! Maybe I am in storm or maybe I just need to look for that rainbow. Always know, things may get tough, but after every storm there is always a rainbow!


Hello Seattle!

I finally made it! I have been here for two weeks and I must say it has been an experience. From flaky couch surfers to great couch surfers, meeting family I didn’t even know existed to meeting men who I didn’t know existed, it has all been an experience. I have my own place in a beautiful part of the city and I have to say it is great being here on my own. I miss my family but this new freedom is incredible and little scary at times.

I came here with the intention of getting an amazing internship with an entertainment news website and although I applied about a week ago, I haven’t heard anything yet. To be truthful, I kind of told everyone that I already got the internship so it would be great if I did get it. I should not have lied but I felt at the time like it was great reason to give as to why I was moving here. It made me seem less crazy and now I just I seem crazy.

I really do want the internship but should I call? I have no idea. I’ll work up the nerve to call and in the meantime look at some other great opportunities. The whole reason I came to Seattle was to discover myself, work hard and most importantly have fun! I just need to remember that because it is so easy to forget my mission.

Almost there.

So it is a little over a week before I make my trek up to Seattle and I am a complete mess. My head hurts, my eyes hurt, my skin is breaking out and I’m just tired, overwhelmed really. I mean, I’m so excited to start my new journey in Seattle, but I am just ready to get there. I think I’m just so used to everything all ready being in place that I am trying to that with this move and I can’t. I need to play it by ear and really go with flow. I am going to take my time getting up there. I decided to stop in Sacramento and Portland on the way up and couch surf. If you never heard of it, it is this community of people all over the world who graciously open up their couches for people traveling. I’m so terrified! I am super shy and introvert to say the least but I feel this will help bring me out of my shell.

I plan on couch surfing for a few days once I get to Seattle if someone will have me. Back to over planning, I messaged someone and they said they couldn’t because of they are traveling. I don’t know. I’ll try again closer to my move because most of them are free spirits.

I’m so excited though. I can’t wait to get up there and experience the city for myself. The freeze, the actual weather and traffic have tried to deter me but I feel right now this is the place for me. Maybe I’m wrong and I’ll come home or somewhere else but I have try. I have to get out and do my own thing for once in my life. Seattle here I come!

Freeze This!

It has been almost a whole month since my last post and how is my Seattle move progressing you ask? Well…not much has changed. No job, no place to live but the dates are still on the calendar. As far as jobs, people rarely respond and the one time they did. They said they wanted to focus on locals. I actually understand that completely. I will soon be one of those locals that they will be focusing on. After thinking extensively about my move; doubts did arise and I was thinking about moving to Austin, Chicago or maybe even Berkley. For some reason I kept coming back to Seattle. Maybe because Seattle is the city for me, it is the city that I chose. My closest friend suggested those other cities and I am just not excited about them. I am excited about Seattle though. One thing! The Freeeeezee.

Someone mentioned the Seattle Freeze to me and that in part led to my exploration of other cities. I do not want to go to place where people are going to ignore or ostracize me. That just doesn’t fit into my plans of moving to a great new city and making great friends. So I did some more research about it and asked some locals their take on this infamous Seattle Freeze. Their responses were overall really positive but one really made me feel a lot better. “If you went to Pittsburg I am sure there would the Pittsburg Freeze or something like it”…haha I am not all too sure about that but I did get his point. I have been in San Diego my whole life so I have been oblivious to our own version of the Freeze. We can be just as cold and shallow as Seattle but we have beaches and great weather so that makes it ok. Well, I’m excited for my move. I decided I’ll just get there and figure it all out. That is what life is all about anyway, that is what makes it exciting and new…Right!?!

Yes! It is finally happening.

Yes! It’s finally happening.

I am running away from home. Well, I guess I’m really just moving out because technically, I am 25, but I still feel like I’m 15. After many hours of watching Grey’s Anatomy, I decided to call Seattle home. As I am writing this post I am currently sitting in a Starbucks in San Diego, CA which kind of has a Seattle vibe to it or at least I think it does. To be honest I have never actually been to Seattle. I did have a lay over there on my way to Alaska but other than Seattle-Tacoma International, I have never stepped foot in the actual city.

Call me crazy but I feel like Seattle is where I belong at this point in my life. I mean, I love rainy days. I mean, I really really love rainy days. I always seem to be most energized on a cloudy day and I am bouncing off the walls when there is rain storm. So how can I not call a place where there are 158 rainy days a year my new home! So I decided to chronicle my journey from one of the sunniest places in the country to one of the rainiest. As of now I do not have a job lined up or place to live, but I do have some dates scheduled. Part of me thinks I should wait a little while longer, save a little more money and maybe even visit the city first to make sure I like it. Then I ask myself, “Haven’t you always waited a little while longer and in the process, you never really find out if you liked ‘it’?” Well, when you or me or I put it that way, I guess have. It is time to start living and to live you have to take some risks. So Seattle, here I come…I think!?!