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Hello Seattle!

I finally made it! I have been here for two weeks and I must say it has been an experience. From flaky couch surfers to great couch surfers, meeting family I didn’t even know existed to meeting men who I didn’t know existed, it has all been an experience. I have my own place in a beautiful part of the city and I have to say it is great being here on my own. I miss my family but this new freedom is incredible and little scary at times.

I came here with the intention of getting an amazing internship with an entertainment news website and although I applied about a week ago, I haven’t heard anything yet. To be truthful, I kind of told everyone that I already got the internship so it would be great if I did get it. I should not have lied but I felt at the time like it was great reason to give as to why I was moving here. It made me seem less crazy and now I just I seem crazy.

I really do want the internship but should I call? I have no idea. I’ll work up the nerve to call and in the meantime look at some other great opportunities. The whole reason I came to Seattle was to discover myself, work hard and most importantly have fun! I just need to remember that because it is so easy to forget my mission.


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