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Freeze This!

It has been almost a whole month since my last post and how is my Seattle move progressing you ask? Well…not much has changed. No job, no place to live but the dates are still on the calendar. As far as jobs, people rarely respond and the one time they did. They said they wanted to focus on locals. I actually understand that completely. I will soon be one of those locals that they will be focusing on. After thinking extensively about my move; doubts did arise and I was thinking about moving to Austin, Chicago or maybe even Berkley. For some reason I kept coming back to Seattle. Maybe because Seattle is the city for me, it is the city that I chose. My closest friend suggested those other cities and I am just not excited about them. I am excited about Seattle though. One thing! The Freeeeezee.

Someone mentioned the Seattle Freeze to me and that in part led to my exploration of other cities. I do not want to go to place where people are going to ignore or ostracize me. That just doesn’t fit into my plans of moving to a great new city and making great friends. So I did some more research about it and asked some locals their take on this infamous Seattle Freeze. Their responses were overall really positive but one really made me feel a lot better. “If you went to Pittsburg I am sure there would the Pittsburg Freeze or something like it”…haha I am not all too sure about that but I did get his point. I have been in San Diego my whole life so I have been oblivious to our own version of the Freeze. We can be just as cold and shallow as Seattle but we have beaches and great weather so that makes it ok. Well, I’m excited for my move. I decided I’ll just get there and figure it all out. That is what life is all about anyway, that is what makes it exciting and new…Right!?!


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