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Yes! It is finally happening.

Yes! It’s finally happening.

I am running away from home. Well, I guess I’m really just moving out because technically, I am 25, but I still feel like I’m 15. After many hours of watching Grey’s Anatomy, I decided to call Seattle home. As I am writing this post I am currently sitting in a Starbucks in San Diego, CA which kind of has a Seattle vibe to it or at least I think it does. To be honest I have never actually been to Seattle. I did have a lay over there on my way to Alaska but other than Seattle-Tacoma International, I have never stepped foot in the actual city.

Call me crazy but I feel like Seattle is where I belong at this point in my life. I mean, I love rainy days. I mean, I really really love rainy days. I always seem to be most energized on a cloudy day and I am bouncing off the walls when there is rain storm. So how can I not call a place where there are 158 rainy days a year my new home! So I decided to chronicle my journey from one of the sunniest places in the country to one of the rainiest. As of now I do not have a job lined up or place to live, but I do have some dates scheduled. Part of me thinks I should wait a little while longer, save a little more money and maybe even visit the city first to make sure I like it. Then I ask myself, “Haven’t you always waited a little while longer and in the process, you never really find out if you liked ‘it’?” Well, when you or me or I put it that way, I guess have. It is time to start living and to live you have to take some risks. So Seattle, here I come…I think!?!


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